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Dùn Chàrlabhaigh Broch

The Carloway Estate contains some of Scotland’s most important historic sites, and this includes the Dùn Chàrlabhaigh Broch.​ 

The broch site also contains our community-owned visitor centre. 

The broch is located in Dun Chàrlabhaigh on our estate, which is around a 35 minute drive from Stornoway.



The broch was possibly constructed around 200 BC. Broch-building ceased around AD 100, but they may have continued in use. Excavations suggest that Dun Carloway may have been used until about AD 1000.

Limited excavation in one of the intramural chambers uncovered hearths, pottery and a quern stone from re-occupation of the cell in the later Iron Age. However, the broch appears to have been long roofless and uninhabited. Local stories demonstrate that it remained an important landmark and place of refuge.


It is also said to have been used as a stronghold by members of the Morrison Clan during the 1500s. However, they met a fearful end when Donald Cam MacAulay managed to climb the sheer outer face of the drystone tower by inserting his dirks between the stones, and throwing burning heather down on them.

video by @albiondrones

Visitor Centre

The Broch Visitor Centre is located on the path that leads to the Broch. The centre contains an interpretation corridor of what life would have been like in a Broch, as well as informative panels detailing the history of the Broch. The centre also contains three toilet facilities.

In 2021 Carloway Estate Trust purchased the Broch Visitor Centre with help from the Scottish Land Fund. This was a momentous moment that brought the visitor centre into community ownership.

With the centre now under community ownership the Trust has been able to advance its community-led tourism. Running from donations and pay-per-use toilets, we have been successful at keeping the centre as a community asset and attraction.

We are currently in the planning phase of refurbishing the centre, which we believe will enhance the experience of visiting the Broch.


Importantly the Broch site is still an active croft. So watch out for livestock!

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