Eroding peatland in the Outer Hebrides

Peatland ACTION

Peatlands are one of Scotland’s largest degraded ecosystems, it is estimated between 50-80% of our peatland is in a degraded or eroding condition.  When peatlands are degraded the benefits they bring are lost, in fact they become sources of carbon instead of sinks – contributing to climate change rather than mitigating it. 

The Peatland ACTION project is helping to restore damaged peatlands in Scotland. Since 2012, over 25,000 hectares have been put on the road to recovery with funding provided by the Scottish Government. Peatlands in good health are valuable and have many benefits to us all.

The true worth of our peatlands is becoming increasingly recognised. As stores of carbon they are important in tackling climate change and as the basis of rural farming, sporting, tourism and crofting they are vital to the economy.  They also play a role in flood regulation, water quality and support nationally and internationally important biodiversity.

Restoring peatlands is one of the most effective ways of locking in carbon; offering a clear nature-based solution to the climate crisis. Peatland restoration can also play a key role in Scotland’s green recovery, by supporting the rural economy through the creation and development of land-based jobs and skills across Scotland.

Peatland ACTION Project Officers have played a pivotal role in the success of the project across Scotland,

Urras Oighreachd Chàrlabhaigh have had a Peatland ACTION Project Officer in-post for several years who has developed substantial expertise in advising on peatland restoration across the Outer Hebrides. 

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